Bank Account Verification

Account Verification Services

Do you make or collect payments from clients, debtors or online trading via EFT, debit order or stop orders?
Fraudulent or incorrect banking details results in thousands of rands spent on bank charges and uncollected payments from non-existent bank accounts.

If you answered “Yes” then FraudCheck has the answer for you.

How can FraudCheck help to protect me or my company and save me money?

Adding a FraudCheck Bank Account Verification to your FraudCheck ID online real-time verification will ensure that you are protected from basic and banking fraud and will assist you with faster, more accurate decision making, saving you money and time.

How does the FraudCheck platform work?

Combining our FraudCheck Bank Verification with our FraudCheck ID online real-time verification ensures your protection from the risks of fraudulent/incorrect banking details and also confirms the validity of the South African ID number provided. On-line, Real-time, Quick and Easy!

What information will I get?

FraudCheck Bank Account Verification verifies the following fields in real time:

  • The ID number provided matches the ID Number on record for the account.
  • The account has been verified as an account belonging to this person.
  • The account has been found as an existing account, currently open with activity in the last 3 months
  • The account number and branch code entered matches the account number on record.
  • The account accepts debits to be lodged against it and credits to be paid into it.

Super, just what I need, but what does it cost?

For this risk and cost-saving real-time online check you will add 1 credit per check to your FraudCheck ID online real-time verification.