Businesses are continuously dealing with individuals and entities in various capacities.

We perform a range of business checks, including but not limited to registration checks, business bank accounts verifications, etc. Individual checks can also be performed on business stakeholders and decision makers.

Businesses checking businesses

We enable our businesses to vet businesses or juristic persons as a means to make informed decisions so that you know who your institutional customer, tenant, supplier, vendor, investor, beneficiary, shareholder, CSI/CSR/enterprise development beneficiary is prior to making the decision to partner, to trade, to lease, to collaborate, to do business, or to invest, etc.

End-to-end FICA Business

Non-real-time verification of companies for the purpose of KYC/ FICA (South Africa) which checks the registration of the business, screens the business against local and international sanction lists, verifies the business bank account, and verifies the business address. These checks are available in a modular format or as a complete solution. The end-to-end FICA individual checks can be performed on company directors and stakeholders in application of the look-through principle (where vetting would be done on any relevant entities and natural persons associated with the company in question).

Business registration

This is effectively a “business identity check” to confirm that the business name and registration exists on the CIPC database, and that the name and registration number are associated.

Business on file report (including principle detail)

A comprehensive business report includes extensive detail including management guidelines in dealing with the enterprise in question, business details, business assessment, business adverse details, principle details, deeds details, and enquiries performed on this entity.

Business bank account

Real-time verification of a business’s bank accounts checks that the account is valid and in operation (must be open for longer then 3 months) and confirms the bank name, details of the business account holder, as well as the account number.

Business address

Real-time verification of a business’s address checks that the address exists and that the address is associated with the business in question, as well as confirms whether it is a current or old address, or an address that’s not linked with the business being checked.

Business statutory details

Displays fundamental business information on the business being searched, including relevant statutory information and business details.

Business deeds summary

Displays a summary of the properties owned per each deeds office within South Africa. The bond information displayed shows active bonds linked to the property which may not be in the name of the owner searched.

Businesses checking individuals

We enable our clients to verify individuals or natural persons as a means to make informed decisions. Whether you’re making a hiring or placement decision, a business decision, or an an investment decision, you’ll know who you are dealing with – your customer, tenant, independent contractor, advisor, employee or other individual third parties.

All individual checks can be performed on relevant individual stakeholders (natural persons) related to the business being verified.

Identity verifications

It’s important to identify who you are dealing with in real-time – whether it’s pre-employment screening to inform a hiring decision, or due diligence for customer onboarding.

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Identity verification

ID Verification/Check

Real-time verification of an identity number which checks that the ID number provided is valid, and belongs to the person in question, and confirms the gender of the person and whether they are alive or deceased.

Passport Verification

Non-real-time verification to confirm the passport is valid as per the Department of Home Affairs.

Live-ID Portrait Lookup

Real-time verification which returns the candidate’s most recent ID photo as per the Department of Home Affairs.

Biometric ID Verification

Non-real-time verification which confirms the candidate’s identity based on live fingerprint capture. This doubles as liveness detection.

Identity Verification Combination

An Identity Check is recommended to perform along with any of the individual verifications as means to first ensure that the person’s identity is valid, prior to checking their qualifications, licenses, bank accounts, etc.

Criminal record verifications

These checks indicate if a person has been associated with illicit activity. A supporting SAPS report is available on request, which would show any details relating to past, pending, or current judgement(s), prosecution(s) or incarceration(s) relating to this individual.

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Criminal record verifications

Criminal Record Lookup searches the National Criminal Record Database for any entries assigned to, or associated with the individual, using their fingerprints to confirm their identity. In the event of one or more entries being found, a SAPS report can be supplied. In-person electronic fingerprint capturing is preferred; however, paper-capturing is also possible where required.

Criminal record checks are often a once-off or recurring industry requirement, for example, for teachers/educators (SACE), the security industry (PSIRA), gambling licenses, liquor licenses, etc. Criminal record checks for employment purposes and corporate enquiries, may be mandated by the hiring company even if it is not an industry regulatory requirement.

Turnaround Times

Each Turnaround time has an associated cost.

Checks We Offer

Verification of the criminal record to confirm if any illicit activity is associated with the person. Your choice of Standard, Premium, or Priority Turnaround Time.

* Note: All these checks are in combination with Identity Verification.

Education and qualification verifications

Verifying an individual’s qualifications is increasingly important due to the rise of qualification falsification and fraud, as well as misrepresentation on CVs. These checks range from Matric pre-1992 to Matric post-1992, tertiary qualifications, local and international, as well as trade certificates and other SAQA approved qualifications and NQF certificates.

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Education and qualifications verifications

Qualification checks are non-real-time checks:

* Note: All these checks are in combination with Identity Verification.

Association/Membership checks:

We also perform non-real-time verification of associations (e.g. SAICA/SAIPA/CIMA/CISA etc), confirming an individual’s qualification, association and/or membership is valid and in good standing with a variety of industry bodies and institutions.

Employment verifications

Identity, Background/Criminal Record Lookups and Qualification Verifications are key components of a solid pre-employment screening and hiring process. We also offer employment reference checks which give you that additional peace of mind, ensuring you make the right hire.

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Employment verifications

Employment confirmation

A non-real-time check where our team contacts the individual’s previous employers’ HR/payroll department to:

Confirm prior employment:

Employment reference

A non-real-time check where our team contacts the individual’s previous employers’ HR/payroll department to:

Validate any of the following:

Confirm that candidate is fit and proper for employment:

Employment confirmation and reference

A non-real-time check where our team contacts the individual’s previous employers to:

Financial, Risk and ITC verifications

These include bank account verifications and financial risk verifications. Verifying financial information is particularly important where money is changing hands, and especially when the amount is above the Cash Transaction Threshold of R24,999.00 and in cash.

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Financial, Risk and ITC verifications

These checks are real-time checks.

Checks we offer:

* Note: This check can be in combination with end-to-end FICA Individual or modular FICA individual verifications.

Other verifications

Other checks include license verifications and watchlist screening.
Reach out to us so that we can discuss your requirements.

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Other verifications

Watchlist Screening

Real-time verification of candidates available in various configurations. Screenings can be performed against a host of national and international watchlists and sanction lists, including lists from the EU, OFAC, HM Treasury, Local and Other (1200+ lists). These checks confirm Politically Exposed Persons (PEPs), Domestic Prominent Influential Persons (DPIP) and Foreign Prominent Public Officials (FPPO). Adverse media checks are also part of the sanction screening process.

Our offering is available as an API, desktop software, via web portal, or batch requests.

Compliance checks

Given the digital nature of the world we live in, GRC (governance, risk and compliance) requirements are increasing. By facilitating the automation of your compliance verifications and processes, in collaboration with your compliance officers and regulatory advisors, we’re here to ensure compliance, whilst minimising the onerous labour burden.