Criminal Checks

Criminal Record Checks

Are you a recruiter, employer or labour broker?
Employment applicants with a criminal record may pose a threat when employed in certain sensitive or high-risk positions such as security assignments or roles with access to money or finances.

Do you employ domestic or farm workers in your home or farm?
Employees who live or work in your home or on your land have intimate access to details of your movements, property and family. This information can be used against you by would-be or un-rehabilitated criminals.

If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions FraudCheck has the answer for you.

How can FraudCheck help to protect me or my company?

Using FraudCheck Criminal Check will ensure that you are protected from the risks and costs of hiring individuals with undisclosed criminal records and will assist you with faster, more accurate decision making.

How does the FraudCheck platform work?

It is a legal requirement in South Africa that a candidate’s fingerprints be captured by a trained FraudCheck representative before conducting a criminal check. FraudCheck, a licensed service provider of AFISwitch, enables its clients to capture fingerprints either at our offices or, for an additional call-out fee, at the client’s chosen location. Fingerprint results are returned within 4 -24 hours.

FraudCheck’s Criminal Check may take up to 48 hours to return results.

What information will I get?

FraudCheck’s Criminal Check confirms the following:

  • No Illicit activity on the part of the candidate
  • Candidate has a history of illicit activity

What if I want more details of the “Illicit Activity”?

A detailed report from the South African Police Services will take 4 – 6 weeks.

What about capturing fingerprints at my premises?

Two options exist for capturing fingerprints at our customer’s premises:

  • Call outs - FraudCheck has support agents that are able to capture fingerprints at your premises Call our help desk for more information
  • Purchase your own fingerprint scanner - FraudCheck offers companies the opportunity to purchase their own fingerprint scanner to enable them to take fingerprints at their designated premises enabling them to directly utilise our FraudCheck software, plus we provide all necessary professional onsite training.

Download an example of a Criminal Check Report here

Ok got it, what does it cost?

FraudCheck Criminal Check is available for R150.00 per check, including VAT. Fingerprint Scanner price available on request