ID Checks

Check the validity of an ID

Are you a recruiter, employer, labour broker or online trader?
Basic fraud such as identity theft creates serious negative consequences; you must be sure that the person you are dealing with is who they claim to be.

Do you grant loans or other forms of credit?
Undisclosed bad debts or judgements can have devastating and long lasting effects.

Do you need to make decisions about people quickly in a competitive market?
Fraudulently stated qualifications or fake professional body memberships place you and your business at risk.

Or maybe you feel you have met “The One” through online dating and need reassurance before moving forward?
Married people using online dating, claiming to be single frequently defraud innocent people.

If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions then FraudCheck has the answer for you.

How can FraudCheck help to protect me or my company?

Using our FraudCheck ID online real-time verification will ensure that you are protected from basic fraud and will assist you with faster, more accurate decision making, saving you money and time.

How does the FraudCheck platform work?

Simply put our FraudCheck ID online real-time verification confirms that a South African ID number provided is valid and belongs to that person. This real-time online service provides instant validation; no waiting for 24 hours to find out if your suitor has a spouse or to determine whether the credit applicant or the job candidate is who they claim to be.

What information will I get?

FraudCheck ID online real-time verification confirms the following:

  • ID number provided is a valid ID number and belongs to that person, and
  • The person is not listed as deceased, and
  • The gender of the person being checked

Download an example of an ID Check Report here

Additional: There is a further option to verify the marital status of the person being checked and their mobile number.

OK I get it, but what does it cost?

That’s the best part; all you pay is 1 credit per check!