Criminal Record Expungements and Other Services

Legally expunge an item from your criminal record

Are you a corporate director, aspiring employee or labor broker?
Many South Africans have a stellar personal history marred by only a single entry in their criminal record, serving as an embarassment and an excuse for slowed personal advancement.

Were you victimised by the previous administration's overbearing police force?
Thousands of people over the age of thirty were illegitimately assigned perceived offences during Apartheid.

How can FraudCheck help me?

Using our service providers, we offer the opportunity to remove minor, non-malicious offences from an individual's criminal record permanently and quickly, through a fully legal process supported by both the Department of Home Affairs and the Department of Justice.

How does it work?

Simply provide us with a police report detailing the offence you want expunged, as well as your personal identity information, and we will submit an expungement request to the Administrator of Criminal Records and SAPS. Within a few days, and after an identity verification process, the offence is removed from a person's permanent criminal record.

OK I get it, but what does it cost?

We charge R750.00 (incl. VAT) per record expungement.