Social Media Background Screening

See who you're looking at

Aren't we more than data?
Fraudcheck offers a wide variety of validation, verification and investigation services, but none of them can tell you what a person thinks, only what they've done.
When it comes to determining how a person thinks, you need to look at how they act in presentation of themselves. To achieve this, Fraudcheck offers a pioneering service that looks into a person's online behaviour and persona to determine the scope, scale and direction of a person's presented personality.

Woah, that's a bit too deep for me
It's okay, this service is also useful for parents looking at making sure their kids are safe online.

Is it legal?
Fraudcheck will never engage in illegal or unwarranted activity. All data recovered is strictly public-domain only and all Fraudcheck employees are subject to Non-Disclosure Agreements to protect both candidates and clients.

Which Social Media services are screened?

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Pinterest
  • Google+
  • Youtube

OK I get it, but what does it cost?

We charge R250.00 for a full Social Media Background Screening, with results available in 48 hours.