Tertiary Education Verification

Verify Tertiary Education

Are you an employer or recruiter seeking qualified individuals?
According to the South African Qualification Authority (“Saqa”) 32% of degrees and 13% of diplomas are faked (Business Day 15th January 2015).

Do you need to make decisions about people quickly in a competitive market?
The employment of persons with fraudulently stated qualifications costs organisations thousands of rands every year; costs associated with training non-viable employees, disciplinary action and staff turnover.

Is holding a tertiary qualification a requirement for certain positions in your organisation?
Hiring applicants for qualified positions who do not have those qualifications may expose you or your organisation to legal, reputational or other risks with your clients.

If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions FraudCheck has the answer for you.

How can FraudCheck help to protect me or my company and save me money?

Adding a FraudCheck Tertiary Verification to your FraudCheck ID online real-time verification will ensure that you are protected from the risks and costs of hiring individuals with fraudulent/non-existent tertiary qualifications.

How does the FraudCheck platform work?

Combining a FraudCheck Tertiary Verification with our FraudCheck ID online real-time verification confirms the validity of the South African ID number provided and the tertiary qualifications associated with that ID number. FraudCheck Tertiary Verification may take up to 48 hours to return results.

What information will I get?

FraudCheck Tertiary Verification in combination with FraudCheck ID online real-time verification confirms the following:

  • The ID number provided is a valid ID number and belongs to that person; and
  • The stated qualification is held by the applicant; and
  • The year and institution from which the applicant qualified.

That sounds simple enough, what does it cost?

For this simple, yet risk-saving check you will add a mere 6 credits per check to your FraudCheck ID online real-time verification.