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Automated Risk Management

Fraudcheck is an automated risk management services company.

Digital Recruitment Solutions

Fraudcheck provide digital solutions for HR departments and recruitment companies to help you to ensure that job applicants are being honest about their personal details, qualifications, financial background and criminal records.

Real-time Results

Fraudcheck provide real-time, automated feedback, presented in a consistent interpreted scorecard to give you peace of mind about the job applicants that you are considering.

360 Degree Reporting

On demand reports available anywhere and anytime.


of South African job applicants would fail financial background screening.


have criminal records.


lie about their education.

Fraud committed by criminals can cause your company reputational damage and cost you the earth in recruitment charges as you hire and rehire, and address the fall-out caused by dishonest and underqualified staff.

Fraudcheck lets you conduct pre-employment and background screening on potential employees to verify their personal details before you employ them.

FraudCheck saves you time and money, gives you peace of mind and puts control firmly back in your hands by taking the risk out of decisions about the people with whom you interact and transact.