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Verification meets business intelligence.

Even a commodity should have intelligence.  

Founded in 2015, we are risk management and mitigation specialists.

Our bespoke approach makes us a true risk and intelligence partner. Our clients rely on us for the right tools for them, at the right points in their processes, through a wide range of individual and business checks. We’ve got all your bases covered.

We vet and verify individuals and businesses so you know who you’re dealing with.

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Put your verification intelligence to the test

What percentage of identity theft cases in South Africa are believed to go unreported or undetected?(Required)
Which of the following is NOT typically included in a company’s due diligence when vetting potential suppliers or business partners?(Required)
What does the term “risk” refer to in the context of risk and compliance?(Required)
What does the acronym AML stand for in the context of financial compliance?(Required)
Which of the following is NOT a common compliance standard or regulation(Required)
What is the primary objective of a “sanctions screening” process when vetting companies or individuals in a business context?(Required)
How can organizations detect candidates with fake documents and criminal records?(Required)

Criminal record verifications.

Utilise our extensive network of Verification Checkpoints spanning 450 locations nationwide, ensuring easy access to your criminal background check.

Whether you’re hiring a new employee for your business or an au pair for your kids, ensure your decision is informed and verified.

Get your criminal check done conveniently.

Need a custom solution?

There’s often a need for custom solutions for businesses. Not only do we provide our existing modular product offering and combinations of these, but we can tailor a bespoke package to your business’s unique needs.

This premium offering is available to businesses and large enterprises.

As digital accelerates and evolves, verification is increasingly a governance, regulatory and compliance requirement, not to mention a risk imperative! It’s not a destination, but a journey and we’ll help you get there – we call it verification intelligence

Kevin Cousins
General Manager

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