Frequently Asked Questions

How our platform works and how we protect you.

Are Fraudcheck services available for my country?

Fraudcheck is available to South African citizens and all foreign nationals that live in South Africa permanently with a valid RSA Identity Document. We are looking into using Passport Numbers for fraud screening & ID verification in the near future – watch this space.

How quickly will I get a result for my Fraudcheck?

You will get the result of your Person Check in real time, on the website, immediately after submitting the Person’s details and selecting a fraud screening product. Please note that completing the person check could take up to 30 seconds, so please be patient while Fraudcheck completes the check and compiles the fraud screening recommendation.

What are the Terms and Conditions?

The Fraudcheck Terms and Conditions can be found here.

Which data does Fraudcheck use when performing a check?

When you request an ID Check, the details that you provide are compared to Home Affairs data and to a limited amount of credit bureau data. When you request a Full Person Check, the details that you provide are compared to Home Affairs and extensive credit bureau data.

NOTE that the credit bureau data is based on the information that you provide when applying for credit at most service providers in South Africa. As such, the credit bureau data is only as accurate as the information that you provide at service providers, and it is only as up to date as your latest credit application.

Which check is best suited for you?

The credit bureau data that is used during a Full Person Check is largely dependent on the information that was obtained from a person during a credit application. If the person is younger than 18, no credit application data will exist. As such, if you want to check a person that is younger than 18, Fraudcheck would recommend using the Basic ID Check product. For any person older than 18, you may get the best result when completing a Full Person Check.

Which data partners does Fraudcheck use?

Fraudcheck’s current data partners are: TransUnion, XDS & AfriGIS.

What is the dispute procedure?

If you disagree with the recommendation that you received for a person verification check, you are able to dispute the result at any time. Raising a dispute is as simple as registering as a Fraudcheck user and then clicking a Dispute button for the person check when you disagree with the fraud screening recommendation that Fraudcheck made. When you click the Dispute button, a dispute ticket is logged at Fraudcheck and we will investigate and respond within 2 business days from the time that you send it.

Does my activation/confirmation code expire?

No. The unique code that we send to you will remain valid until you have used it. Note that you will not be able to use the same activation or confirmation code more than once.

What am I paying for?

When you choose to perform a Fraudcheck person verification check, we first collect data records from our partners for the person that you want to check, then we evaluate and interpret the data records that we received, using an exhaustive set of real-time rules and lastly, we produce an easy to understand fraud screening recommendation report of our findings. We also check a person against data that is held by Fraudcheck to ensure that we use ALL the information that is available to us when we produce the result of your Fraudcheck person verification check. It is important to note that we WILL NOT share the actual data records that we received from our partners – we will only share our interpretation of the data records, making it easy for you to understand and make a decision! In a nutshell, our interpretation of the complex data records and the report that we produce is what you are paying for.

Does a Fraudcheck affect my credit score?

It may affect your credit score if many people check you during a specific period of time. The Credit Bureaux only view the enquiries that are done for your Id Number as a bad thing when many enquiries take place within a short period of time.

When I perform a check on the same person, will Fraudcheck notify me that I have already performed a check on that person?

Fraudcheck will identify a duplicate check (by using the ID Number provided) during a configured time window. You can request a specific time window configuration for duplicate checks on your account by sending an email to The email must contain the number of days (between 1 and 30) that you wish to return the previous check results as apposed to re-screening the same person.

If I perform a check on the same person, will Fraudcheck charge me for each check?

Fraudcheck will not charge you for a duplicate check within your configured time window. Please note that if this window is set too large, there is no override facility as yet to force a new check. The new check is only performed once outside the window. We therefore suggest keeping the window to 1 or 2 days.

Who will be able to access my account information?

Your account information is stored securely on Fraudcheck’s server and it will only be accessible to the Fraudcheck staff that performs data maintenance tasks. The information will not be available publically or shared without permission pursuant to our Terms & Conditions.

When I send my ID number is it visible to the person checking me?

No. When you give permission for a person to check you, your ID Number is stored in the Fraudcheck system. The full number is never displayed to the person that wants to check you.

Will the person checking me see my credit bureau (TransUnion) report?

No. Fraudcheck evaluates the information that we receive from the different credit bureaux and makes a recommendation based on the interpretation of your data. The information from the credit bureau is never displayed to the person that checks you.

Will the person checking me have access to my personal data?

No. The person that checks you will only have access to the information that you provided to them prior to the check. They won’t even be able to see your whole ID number as we mask this. The personal information that we receive from the different credit bureaux and providers is never displayed to the person that checks you.

Why am I not receiving my request for permission SMS?

You will not receive an SMS if you have previously sent an SMS containing CONSENT plus any of the following words to 31771:
STOP, END, CANCEL, UNSUBSCRIBE, QUIT, STOP STOP or STOP ALL To receive SMS’s from Fraudcheck again, please send an SMS containing only the word CONSENT to 31771. If your issue persists, please do not hesitate to contact Fraudcheck Support on

How do I stop getting requests from Fraudcheck?

You can block all SMS’s from Fraudcheck if you send CONSENT plus any of the following words to 31771:
STOP, END, CANCEL, UNSUBSCRIBE, QUIT, STOP STOP or STOP ALL If your issue persists, please do not hesitate to contact Fraudcheck Support on

Yes, you can! If the consent SMS that you sent fails for some reason and the person that want to check you cannot see that you provided consent, you can email your consent to PLEASE NOTE that you will need to register as a Fraudcheck user first (registration is FREE). Then, following registration, you can send your consent email from the email address that you used when you registered. When sending your consent email, please include only CONSENT, the 3-digit code that appeared in the consent request SMS, plus your ID Number, e.g. CONSENT 123 7501011234080.

Why do I keep getting a response “The ID number that you have sent is invalid...” when entering the correct ID number?

Please ensure that the format of your SMS is correct: CONSENT (space) CODE (space) ID NUMBER, e.g. CONSENT 123 7501011234080.

If your issue persists, please do not hesitate to contact Fraudcheck Support on

How much does Fraudcheck registration cost?

Registration for Fraudcheck is free. Charges will only be incurred when you buy tokens to check a Person.

How much does a Person Check cost?

The cost of a Person Check varies, depending on the type of check that you want. Please see the cost per type of check on the Fraudcheck Home page.

How do I pay for a Fraudcheck?

Each Fraudcheck costs a set number of credits. Credits can be purchased using your credit card or non-pin debit card when you are logged into your Fraudcheck account. Our payment service provider, Virtual Card Services, will capture your payment details on their secure purchase page. If your bank supports Verified by Visa or MasterCard SecureCode, you may be redirected to your bank’s pin verification page.

Can I get a refund for my unused credits?

No, unfortunately not. If you expect to use Fraudcheck regularly, you can purchase multiple credits at a time. If you DO NOT expect to use Fraudcheck regularly, we recommend that you purchase only enough for the checks that you want to complete.

Can I purchase Fraudcheck credits without using my credit/debit card?

Yes, you can! If you wish to purchase credits without using your credit/debit card, you can send a purchase request to PLEASE NOTE that the email must be from the email address that you used when you registered as a Fraudcheck user! Our Support team will respond to your request with our bank account details and a unique reference number that you must include in your payment. When you have completed your manual payment (either via online banking or by visiting your bank), you will need to respond to the Support request with your proof of payment. Lastly, we will credit your account with the number of credits that you paid for.

Can a business register for Fraudcheck services (as opposed to an individual)?

Yes. Please contact Fraudcheck Support on to find out more.

How quickly will I get a response when I email Fraudcheck Support?

 All queries that are sent to Fraudcheck Support will receive feedback within 1 business day from the time that you send it.

How do I log a query or support call with Fraudcheck?

All you need to do is drop us an email to Please be sure to send us the email from your registered email account with us so that we know who you are.