Fraudcheck empowers businesses to achieve FICA compliance through our comprehensive risk and business intelligence verification solutions

The process of vetting, verifying, onboarding, and due diligence, can be labour-intensive. We can help you alleviate the compliance headache by facilitating the automation and optimisation of relevant verifications in line with your RMCP (Risk Management Compliance Program), while in consultation with your compliance officers.

FICA stands for the Financial Intelligence Centre Act, a South African law enacted in 2001 to fight financial crimes. It helps to combat financial crimes like money laundering, terrorist financing, tax evasion, fraud, and identity theft. This framework was established for all accountable institutions to identify and verify their clients’ identities (Know Your Client – KYC).

Accountable institutions such as online gaming, FSPs, real estate, lawyers, accounting and insurance firms, and many others are regulated to be FICA compliant.


Remove the risk of onboarding customers involved in illegal activities.


Mitigate the risk of fraud and non-compliance.

Directive 8 is mandatory for all Accountable Institutions (AIs). In March 2023, the South African Department of Finance published Directive 8 on the compulsory screening of employees for all AIs.

We offer the checks that are needed to comply:

We are able to customise our modular solutions according to your needs.

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Consequences of non-compliance

Failure to comply with the FIC Act can lead to any one or more of the following sanctions: 

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Don't risk the integrity and stability of your business

Our team is ready to guide you through seamless FICA compliance, allowing you to focus on driving your core business forward with confidence and peace of mind.

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